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Welcome , this mailing list was begun by election on the date below, that is when the first message came through the mail list: July 28, 1996 - 6:22 A.M. PDT (7) - 123W41 - 38N54

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Welcome to our traditional mailing service. We hope you will take part in the discussions and ask questions if you don't understand something. This is all about learning and sharing information and technique. Please print out these rules and keep them handy because 3 strikes and you are out of this ballgame!

Our Purpose:

We are trying to allocate some space for Traditional Astrology in its many applications and as far as we know this is the only service of its kind. Hence we are being fairly strict about the postings, because it is very easy to stray away from the original concept.

We want to make your time with our service informative and fun. We have all seen what can happen and our aim is to prevent the worst of these occurances. We believe very strongly in free speech and there are plenty of lists you can join to express yourself. This list happens to deal with a specific type of astrology and our purpose is to discuss charts and share information. In that spirit we hope you will join us.


Please always use either the existing subject line (most of you will just hit reply and this is done automatically) or insert one if the thread is new - it helps everyone to keep track of those posts.

Don't worry if you think that your question or piece of information might already have been posted. If this is the case, there is usually someone who can post you that particular piece. Also at the time you join the list all previous mail will be sent to you, so be sure to read through all of this to catch up to where we are at the present time.


RULES of William Lilly List:

With any good educational program you need to have ground rules and here they are:

1. This list is about traditional astrology and will include horary, electional and genethliacal (natal, directions, annual revolutions, promittors, etc.).

2. This list focuses on the traditional approach and method of astrology as practiced by William Lilly and illustrated in his Christian Astrology, We are happy to discuss any work or ideas from other authors or time periods, as long as they are pertinent and relevant to Lilly, our central theme. Western astrology chart discussion only. If you aren't sure, please ask. We won't jump on you for it.

3. Please always use either the existing subject line (most of you will just hit reply and this is done automatically) or insert one if the thread is new - it helps everyone to keep track of those posts.

4. No asteroids! Don't even think about trying to bring up the discussion..take it somewhere else! Modern planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) as you know had not been discovered at the time we are discussing. Yes, we know they can sneak in once in a while, we discourage this and prefer to concentrate on the inner planets.

5. Any charts that you would like to discuss (unless that chart is part of lesson material that is being used in one of the traditional courses) should be submitted to this list with the following information (if your letter does not contain this information it will be rejected).

6. We will let you know as soon as any new reading material becomes available. This is always useful, particularly for those just starting in the study of traditional astrology.

7. After a chart has been thoroughly taken apart and discussed let it go. There is no point in going over something again and again, and there are too many charts out there to work on. Besides this can only lead to frustration on everybody's part and causes friction, which will defeat the purpose of this list. We want this to be a fun, educational experience. If your intention is to show off your ego and become a star, please get off the list now. I know this sounds very harsh but I have seen what happens on other mailing lists and I don't think any of us want to have to deal with this or the politics of it either. The key word here is discussion- if it turns into an argument or there is unpleasantness the list will be closed to you.

8. For those of you just starting out, please don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something. We all had to start somewhere and discussion will be good for all of us. Most of you are used to lurking, but we really encourage you to take part in all this. If you are unsure about it, just drop me a line to check it out first.

9. This list will not move at the speed of light because it will be done manually. Each letter is read before it goes through the list so when I take a little time off, the letters will not be sent out right away. I hope this is acceptable. The only alternative is to charge for this service and that is something I would rather not do, however we can discuss this as we go along.

10. Keep personal communication private, don't send it through the list. If you have comments to make to a subscriber about the subject, please send them through the list so all of us can share in the information. Too many times the best remarks are sent privately to the person who started the discussion and the discussion goes nowhere because of that.

11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but on this mail list there will be absolutely no personal attacks on people. If this happens you will be deleted from the list. It is fine to disagree, but you must have a valid reason and it must not be expressed in a personal manner. This takes away from our purpose here, which is to study traditional astrology.

12. Try to remember that it is a privilege to be on this mailing list and treat it accordingly. You are not being charged for this service and you are receiving the benefit of many years of experience in this field of astrology from some of the best practitioners available as well as hard work on all our parts to make this list a successful and vital project.

All letters that appear on this list are copyright protected on this list and are not to be copied and shared on other lists unless you have the permission of the author of the letter/s and the permission of JustUs & Associates. Letters may not be added changed in anyway if permission is granted to publish them elsewhere.

I know that Sue Ward, Lee Lehman, Dorothy Kovach, Amanda Parfitt, Jonathan Clark , Tony Louis, Rodger Grable (to name but a few) and I will help you in any way we can to learn and discuss this specific art of astrology. Join us and see the results of study and hard work in this art of traditional astrology, a time proven method. Please believe me when I say, we are not belittling your knowledge or experience in this or any other field, we are just trying to get a better hold on what we have established here.

It is sincerely hoped that this will be a true learning experience of a very positive nature. I look forward to seeing your additions to this mailing list.

Carol A. Wiggers

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