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JustUs & Associates - (Out of Print Books, completely retyped, large easy to read print, Paperback and hard cover editions available, such as Lilly, Dariot, Partridge, Ramesey, Gadbury, Bonatus, Coley, Griffin, Al Biruni, Dorotheus, etc. & Services) Catalog with book descriptions.

The Horary Practitioner Journal - Award Winning Journal of Traditional Horary Astrology! All back issues available. Also providing subscriptions to the "Traditional Astrologer" from England, "The Southern Astrologer" from Australia.

The Horary Practitioner Diploma Course - this course based on traditional and classical methods, especially William Lilly. Correspondence course from U.S., certified by P.A.I.

Astrowin 1.50, Horary Helper for Windows and Electional Helper for Windows Software - as well as SolarFire 4 and upgrades.

Horary chart interpretation (missing child) - a sample horary to get you interested in this ancient art.

Who we are and what we are trying to do.......
Our aim is to promote Traditional Horary and Electional Astrology. We want to make this area available to our students and to those who are curious about what that means. Also we plan to provide you with the names of other sites and resources that can also help you study this fascinating style of astrology. Join us often and see the new things we have added to this educational site.
What is Horary Astrology

We are the U.S. Distributor for the new JANUS software, see samples and pricing details.

JustUs & Associates Catalog Index of Horary Practitioner Journals
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Index of 1996 Horary Practitioner Journal
Index of 1997 Horary Practitioner Journal
SolarFire4 Review
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Subscription Information:
 1997 Horary Practitioner Subscriptions
The Southern Astrologer from Australia
The Traditional Astrologer from U.K.
Limited Hard Cover, Numbered Editions of Lilly, Ramesey, Coley and Partridge Election Helper for Windows is here!!
Horary Helper for Windows is here!!

Pictures of William Lilly's Cottage Taken by Sue Ward

Planetary Hours Shareware program
Traditional Astrology Glossary Frequently Asked Questions (fAQ)
Classical Electional Astrology Course Feature Articles on Electional Astrology
Introduction to Classical Astrology
Correspondence Course Information
Classical Studies in Medical Astrology
Correspondence Course Information
Sue Ward's Home Page Do you have questions about Horary?
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Ask Sue Ward!

Carol A. Wiggers Home Page

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Horary For Beginners by Anthony Louis.

   Robert Zoller's MedievalAstrology Correspondence Course for more information click here

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