The Award winning Editorial Team includes:

Deborah Houlding* (Editor) and David Plant (Assistant/Co-Editor)

*Winner of the P.A.I.'s 1993 Articles Award for "Consistently well written editorials"

Assisted by David McCann and Dylan Warren-Davis

Contributing Astrologers include:

Michael Baigent Olivia Barclay Nicholas Campion Mike Edwards
Dennis Elwell Robert Hand Garry Heaton Dennis Labouré
Maurice McCann Derek Parker Diana Rosenberg Wanda Sellar
Neville Strachan Sue Ward Carol A. Wiggers Robert Zoller

Now in its third year of publication, and going from strength to strength, astrologers throughout the world are turning to The Traditional Astrologer as an essential reference for techniques and historical biographies. The issues link together, building-up into an encyclopaedic collection and allowing the serialisation of major works and text-books from the past. In each issue we feature the life and work of a notable historical astrologer, and take a detailed look at some of the traditional techniques that form the backbone of today's modern practice.

Nativities horaries elections decumbitures ingresses events fixed stars

The Traditional Astrologer is no dry, crusty publication. Our belief that the best way for astrologers to enhance contemporary teachings, is through a working understanding of established techniques, is demonstrated through up-to-date examples, modern illustrations and chart judgements. Together with a wide range of general articles, a lively letters section, book reviews, stimulating debate and fact-filled tables, The Traditional Astrologer is fast gaining a reputation as one of the world's premier astrological periodicals.



The Art of Horary :
Instruction on drawing up and interpreting horaries
The Ninth Sphere :
The sky beyond the zodiac, featuring the fixed stars, constellations, comets, etc.
The Life and Work of...:
Each issue features the life and contributions of a major astrologer from the past
In Introduction to Decumbiture :
How to draw decumbitures to assess health, vitality and disease by use of the astrological humours
Strength & Relationships of the Planets :
The use of dignities, antiscia, aspects and all the contacts and placements that turn planets into vivid significators
Glossary of Terms :
A thorough dictionary of traditional astrological terms and techniques
William Lilly's War Charts :
Lilly's horaries brought to life, with a fascinating look at the historical and political background of his Civil War charts
Clues in the Cosmos :
Past and present mysteries illuminated by the heavens
Reprints Section:
On-going reprints of important traditional works
Parallels of Declination, Progressions, Directions - we'll show you how its done

 Amongst the many articles in each issue we regularly run 'special features',
complete with fact-filled tables

Issue 1 — Attention all Shipping! :
A survey of rules concerning sea and long distance travel, examining charts ranging from a 5th century katarche on the safety of a ship at sea to more recent events such as the disasters of the Titanic, Herald of Free Enterprise and Braer.
Issue 2 — Eclipses; Darkening of the Light :
A run-down on eclipses from their astronomical basis to their astrological interpretation. Featuring aphorisms, timing, tables of 20th century eclipses, and the effect of preceding eclipses to the King's Cross Underground disaster and Prince Charles's nativity.
Issue 3 — Testimonies of Wealth & Fortune :
How to judge the conditions of material wealth, including aphorisms, advice on elections for financial matters, examples from the work of Vettius Valens and William Lilly, and a look at the nativity of multi-millionaire, J. Paul Getty.
Issue 4 — Seeing Stars :
An introduction to a regular series: 'The Ninth Sphere'. Comprehensive table of the principle fixed stars, survey of the history of star meanings, review of 'fixed star' literature, study on the constellation Perseus, and an examination of the use of fixed stars in an ingress chart.
Issue 5 — The Moon - The Lantern of Heaven :
Astronomical and astrological influences of the Moon including statistical research into its effects, Moon lore, omens, astrological attributes, the use of the Moon in elections, and a traditional look at the sublunar sphere.
Issue 6 — Classical Use of Triplicities :
The origin of triplicity rulerships and their use in symbolic classical astrology.
Tonalpohaulli: The Aztec Count of Fate : Mexican celestial mythology.
Issue 7 — Lights in the Sky - part 1 :
The astronomical origin of astrological symbolism.
Introduction to Pythagorean Numerology : The mystical association of shape and number.
Issue 8 — Solar returns :
Including 'Precession Free Solar Returns' and Gadbury's use of Solar Returns
Issue 9 — The Planetary Parts :
Including a tradtional list of all the principle Parts
Issue 10 — The Origin of House Meanings :
The first of a three-part presentation of innovative research into the origin and history of the houses, their traditional meanings and why they mean what they do today.
Issue 11 — Saturn, the Great Teacher :
Astronomical facts, astrological interpretation and attributes, Lilly's rulerships. Saturn in Myth and Occult Philosophy. Comfrey, the embodiment of a Saturnine Herb.
Issue 12 — The Sun, Ruler of the Sky :
Astronomical facts, astrological interpretation and attributes, Lilly's rulerships. The Sun in Myth and Occult Philosophy. Copernicus and the Sun-centred universe.


We feature the life and work of a notable astrologer in each issue:

Issue 1 — - Life and work of Ptolemy -

Issue 2 —- Life and work of William Lilly -

Issue 3 — - Robert Recorde, John Dee's Precurser -

Issue 4 —- Al-Biruni and Arabic Astrology -

Issue 5 —- Culpeper, Herbalist of the People -

Issue 6 — - Firmicus, Profile of a Latin Astrologer -

Issue 7 — - Life and work of Placidus de Titus -

Issue 8 — - Tycho Brahe, A King amongst Astrologers -

Issue 9 — - Johannes Kepler and the Music of the Spheres -

Issue 10 — - Life and work of Abraham Ibn Ezra -

Issue 11 — - John Gadbury, Politics and the decline of Astrology -

Issue 12 — - Marsilio Ficino : A Solar Talisman -



We also publish translations of important works and serialise traditional astrological texts:

Issue 1 - 3
Directions & Directing by H.S. Green (1905)

Issue 4
The Seven Bodies of Man in Hermetic Astrology by D. Labouré (French translation)

Issue 5 - 7
Claude Dariot's Brief & Easy Introduction to the Stars (16th century)

Issue 8 - 12
A complete reproduction of the Pingree translation of
Carmen Astrologicum by Dorotheus of Sidon
(1st c.)



Each issue outlines the major rules and
demonstrates how to judge charts on specific topics:

Issue 1 — Property Matters
Issue 2 — Love Charts
Issue 3 — Getting the Job
Issue 4 — Finding Lost Objects
Issue 5 — Planetary Hours in Horary
Issue 6 — Pregnancy Charts
Issue 8 — Considerations before Judgement
Issue 9 — Fugitives and Runaways
Issue 10 — Trials
Issue 11 — Death
Issue 12 — Investments and Speculation

Backissues currently available


The Life & Work of Ptolemy , Explanation of Essential & Accidental Dignities , An Introduction to Decumbiture Horary: Property Matters , Attention all shipping: Aphorisms for Travel at Sea; Disaster of the Braer; Dennis Elwell's Astrological Warning of Trouble at Sea , A History of Metals & Planets , Glossary of Traditional Terms William Lilly's War Charts: Will Rupert Worst the Earl of Essex? Reprint of H.S. Green's Directions & Directing, part I.


Life & Work of William Lilly , Explanation of Debility and Reception , Decumbiture & Humoral Physiology , Horary: Love Charts , Eclipses: Darkening of the Light; King's Cross Eclipse; Traditional Aphorisms for Eclipses; A Right Royal Eclipse; Timing Eclipses , Lilly's War Charts: Should His Majesty Procure Forces out of Ireland? Star Beasts: Egyptian Goddesses & Zodiac Myths , Directions & Directing, part II.


Star of Bethlehem , Philosophy of Sign Rulership , The NYC Building Strike of 1991 , House Rulership in Decumbiture , Lilly's War Charts: Should Essex Take Reading? , Testimonies of Wealth & Fortune: Aphorisms Concerning Wealth; Nativity of an English Merchant; J. Paul Getty — The Richest American; Manna From Heaven , On the Brink of the Serbian Eclipse , John Dee's Precursor , Horary: Getting the Job , Directions & Directing, part III.


Al-Biruni & Arabic Astrology , Antiscia , The 1st house in Decumbiture , Horary: Finding Lost Objects , The Ninth Sphere: Origin of Star Meanings; Table of Principal Fixed Stars; Examination of 1910 Ingress; Study of Constellation Perseus , Ingresses & Mundane Astrology , Parallels of Declination in Natal Astrology , The Bickerstaff Papers , The Seven Bodies of Man in Hermetic Astrology.


Nicholas Culpeper; Herbalist of the People , Gadbury's examination of Culpeper's Horoscope , Horary: Planetary Hours , The Ninth Sphere: Chiron, the Stellar Story , Star Catalogue — Aries to Virgo , The Moon, Lantern of Heaven; Electing by the Moon; The Sublunar Sphere , Clues in the Cosmos: Disappearance of Susie Lamplugh ,Origin of the Planetary Exaltations , Simon Forman — a Cautionary Tale , Dariot's Judgement of the Stars, part I.


Julius Firmicus Maternus, profile of a Roman Astrologer , Decumbiture: The 6th House & Disease , The Ninth Sphere: Shelley a Tragic Romantic Star Catalogue — Libra to Pisces , Horary: Pregnancy Charts , Dictionary of Terms: A , Tonalpuhalli: The Aztec Count of Fate , Classical Use of Triplicities , Predictive Methods and Primary Directions , Clues in the Cosmos: The Black Panther , Dariot, part II.


Life & Work of Placido de Titis , Placido's Method of House Division , Nativity of Queen Elizabeth I , The Estonia Tragedy , Dictionary of Terms — B to D , The Constellation Capricorn , Decumbiture: the 7th house & the Physician , Lights in the Sky - The Inferior Planets , An Introduction to Pythagorean Numerology , Mundane Directions made (relatively) Simple , Arhat Answers , Dariot, part III .


Tycho Brahe, a King amongst Astrologers , Decumbiture: The 10th House — the Medicine , The Kobe Earthquake , Horary: Considerations before Judgement , Precession-free Solar Returns , Gadbury's use of Solar Returns , Arhat Answers Dictionary of Terms: E to I , Revisioning Psychological Astrology; a Convergence with Tradition , Classical Origin of Aspects , Dorotheus, Carmen Astrologicum, part I.


Johannes Kepler and the Music of the Spheres , Decumbiture — A Study of Infertility , Horary: Fugitives and Missing People , The Ninth Sphere: Andromeda Legend in the Stars , The Fall of Oscar Wilde , Planetary Parts — Fortune, Spirit & the Lunation Cycle — List of Principal Parts , Ancient Timekeeping and the Moment of Birth Dictionary of Terms: J to O , Astrology Course Reviews , Dorotheus, Carmen Astrologicum, part II.


The Life & Work of Abraham Ibn Ezra Decumbiture , 120 Aphorisms from Beginning of Wisdom , Decumbiture: Supplementary Signification of Disease , The Rise and Fall of the Astrological Zodiac, part 1 , Horary: Trials & Lawsuits , Lights in the Sky, part II — The Superior Planets , Dictionary of Terms — P , The Origin of House Meanings, part 1 , Astrology Course Reviews , Book Reviews , Dorotheus, Carmen Astrologicum, part III


John Gadbury; Politics and the Decline of Astrology , Personal Appearance and Physical Peculiarities , Dictionary of Terms: Q - R , Saturn; The Great Teacher; Comfrey the Embodiment of a Saturnine Herb; Saturn in Myth and Occult Philosophy , The Nativity of Oliver Cromwell , Starwatch , The Art of Horary; Death , The Rise and Fall of the Astrological Almanac, part II , The Origin of House Meanings, part III , Classical Association of the Houses , H.R.H. The Queen Mother; An Exercise in Rectification , Myths among the Stars: Corvus the Crow, Crater the Cup and Labrum , Carmen Astrologicum, part IV


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