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Electional Astrology using Classical/Traditional Methods

Carol A. Wiggers, 1996

John Partridge, author of "Micropanastron", 1679, {1} is our main reference at this time. Partridge wrote extensively about electional astrology and included 80 aphorisms (special rules) for elections. By following these Aphorisms, he states, you can set up your electional chart. Claudius Dariot’s, "A Brief and most Easy Introduction to the Astrological Judgment of the Stars", 1583, also contains information about elections.{2}

Electional astrology can be one of the most fascinating forms of astrology, and when used correctly it is a formidable tool. It was mainly used down through history as a means of planning battles, including when to start the battle, who should command and where the battle should be fought. Today we are all fighting our own battles in everyday living and it’s time to bring this form of astrology back into our lives.

I have discussed this subject extensively with both Sue Ward and J.Lee Lehman, and now is the time to bring back this time honored method of astrology and teach it to our students. More research will go into this matter but there is material at hand for all of us to study and use. If you are on the Internet you will find that over the next several months we will be posting interesting articles and charts on this subject and horary at this website. You are welcome to stop by and visit us often.

For those of you not familiar with electional astrology, it is the astrology of electing or choosing the best time to go ahead with a project (buying, selling, marriage, divorce, conceiving a child, dealing with a court case) the possibilities are endless. I am not saying by any means that elections should be used in a frivolous manner; it should not, just as horary should not be used for unimportant questions.

The main difference between horary and electional is that horary charts tell the client an answer to a question they have posed, (telling them the present conditions, what led up to that condition and what the outcome will be) , by reading the action of the aspects and the placement of the planets in the houses involved. Electional on the other hand is taking matters into your own hands and setting up a chart that will make things turn out in the best manner for you. In fact the best way of checking your electional chart is to read it as a horary after you have completed it, to see what the actions of the chart will be. You will see this done in ancient writings as the author explains the chart and what has been done.

To clarify electional astrology, there are two types of elections, Universal and Particular. "Universal" elections do not use a particular nativity while the "Particular" elections do. Universal election for example, electing a time for building structures, planting crops, trimming shrubs, collecting inheritances and moving to a new location. Particular election examples are taking a physical, cosmetic surgery, regular surgery, marriage, going on a journey or purchasing property of any kind. Electional astrology (Universal) can still be very effective without using the nativity of an individual, either because they do not have natal information, or they choose not to give you that information. In ancient times this was often the case and electional astrology thrived.

A chart was set up for the present time and location, then from that point the chart was altered. This was done by changing the time (estimating the speed of the planets and shifting of the house cusps) until the most satisfactory chart was found within the specified time frame. Recalculations done, the new chart was drawn and studied to make sure it was advantageous to the client.

The first step in electional astrology is to set up the chart making sure the angles are well fortified and the significators are well placed in their dignities. The Moon should be strong and fortunate. This is the common theme in all electional charts.

Of course each election will emphasize different houses and planets. For example when doing an election for moving you want the Moon in a fixed sign (giving strength and stability), increasing in light and in good aspect with fortunate fixed stars in the fourth house or Ascendant, the ruler of the 2nd house should be strong and above the earth.

One of the most popular electional charts among my clients in the U.S., is "when to send off their income tax return to the IRS". There is a specific time frame, January 1 thru April 15, unless the person wishes to file for an extension. Usually by the time people have prepared their tax return or had an accountant perform this service, it is March. The time frame is narrowed considerably to about 45 days.

In this chart the Moon gets the most consideration, if possible it should be in conjunction or good aspect , with reception, to the planet that represents the government organization. This could be the ruler of the 10th house or the Sun, or that planet which is in aspect with the Moon in the Ascendant, 10th or 11th. If this is not possible let it be in the 3rd, 5th or 9th, but this is not as favorable. Make sure that the Moon is not in Gemini or Pisces where it tends to be weak.

Another common one is "when to buy the house". These rules are pretty well set down so the chart can be set up in an orderly manner:

1. The Ascendant, its ruler and the planet that the Moon has just separated from represent the buyer. A fixed sign should be on the Ascendant.

2. The 7th represents the seller, its ruler and the first planet the Moon applies to represent him. The ruler of the 7th should apply to, or be in reception with, the ruler of the Ascendant. If there are malefic or weak planets in the 7th this can cause deceit and malice from the 7th house matters or people (laborers on the land, renters, etc.).

3. The 4th represents the land or house to be purchased, this includes the ruler of the 4th, planets in the 4th and the Moon itself. Make sure to strengthen the 4th house, its ruler and the planets in that house. Have Taurus, Leo or Aquarius on the cusp of the 4th house, with its ruler free of combustion and oriental. Venus or Jupiter should be powerful in the Asc and 4th, while the luminaries should be sextile or trine the Ascendant and 4th, or with the Ascendant if possible. If the 4th ruler is in a water sign make sure it is not aspected by Saturn which will compound the problem of coldness and wetness for the house or property. Venus or Jupiter or dignified planets here will give fertile land. Planets of a fire nature should not be in the 4th house, or ruling that house, unless heavily aspected by Venus or Jupiter.

4. The 10th represents the price and the condition of the property, this is represented by the ruler of the 10th and the planets in it. Benefics and dignified planets here show excellent timber and fruitful trees.

5. If possible the Moon should be in Cancer or Taurus in a good house in good aspect to the ascendant degrees and in good aspect to the rulers of the 4th and 2nd houses. Make sure that the ruler of the 10th is not weak or afflicted with bad aspects.

6. Strengthen the Part of Fortune and its dispositor, the Moon and its dispositor. You want to make sure that they are not afflicted and have no aspects to Mars or Saturn, that they are not retrograde, in detriment or fall. Aspects of any of these with Mars can cause the loss of the property.

7. The rulers of the angles should not be retrograde and no retrograde planets should be in the angles or the 9th and 11th houses. Mars and Saturn or weak planets in angles cause trouble.

As you can see from the above list, this gives you a very good foundation for setting up your election chart for buying land or a house. It takes a while to work through this list, and of course you can not have everything in one chart. The object is to find as many of the conditions possible for your chart to make things advantageous to you.

It is critical in this form of astrology that you understand what each house represents in the chart. Again it is much the same as for horary, but a quick review couldn’t hurt.

1st house; person making the electional chart, the one who is about to begin something, a plaintiff in a lawsuit.

2nd house; money and moveable possessions.

3rd house; brothers and sisters, cousins, neighbors, journeys that are short, letters, messages and communications.

4th house; real estate, house, the father, property, mines, fixed possessions, things connected with the earth and the final result of an undertaking.

5th house; children, love affairs (Dariot used the 5th while Lilly used the 7th house), holidays, pleasure, theaters and places of amusement, investment and speculation (when seen as gambling the 5th house is used).

6th house; health problems, servants, employees, pets and small animals, food and clothing, uncles and aunts on the father’s side, tenants.

7th house; the husband or wife of the person represented by the 1st house. Defendants in lawsuits, the opponent in contests, business partners, contracts, business speculations, public and open enemies. This represents the house one will move to (buying or renting). 8th house; death, wills, inheritances, money of the husband/wife or partner; help received by opponents.

9th house; religion, science, philosophy, the Church and the law, long journeys and voyages, publications and publishing.

10th house; honor, credit, fame, authority, business and occupation; status in life, mother, royalty and nobility, employers and superiors.

11th house; friends, acquaintances, hopes, desires and wishes.

12th house; exile, prison, mental hospitals, confinement, limitation, persecution, treachery, secret enemies, large animals, and uncles and aunts on the mother’s side.

The above list is by no means complete and has been taken from a number of books, which include "Christian Astrology" by William Lilly {3}, "Mikropanastron" by J. Partridge, "Judgement of the Stars" by Dariot, "Treatise on Elections" by Laurentius Boincontrius {4}, "Astrological Practice of Physick" by Joseph Blagrave (1671), and "Astrology Restored" by Ramsey(1653).

Calculation of electional charts is trial and error until you find a chart that will fill most of the above requirements, giving you a possible time and date. This time and date might not be possible because if after working hours, for example, you would not be able to sign an agreement on the property. You must then go back to find another possible time and date. The computer programs available today, can really speed up the matter. {5}.

This article will give you an idea of what electional astrology is about. It is an extensive subject and would take several instalments to cover the subject with justice. The books that I have listed will help you delve into this subject more thoroughly. Electional astrology correspondence courses are also available to those interested in studying this fascinating form of astrology{6}. Give this form of astrology a try the next time you have to decide to do something in your life, whether it be buying a house, having surgery or starting a lawsuit. There is no reason not to take advantage of the stars and place ourselves in the best possible position. You can even be generous and put your opponent in a favorable position also, just not as favorable as yours, and then you have a very nice win-win outcome!


{1} Mikropanastron, J. Partridge,1679, This book has been retyped, charts redrawn and laser printed (not a facsimile copy) for easier studying by JustUs & Associates Publishing, 1420 NW Gilman Blvd. Suite #2154, Issaquah, WA. 98027, USA. Partridge also included 100 Aphorisms by Gadbury, Herme, Ptolemy, Bethem, plus an additional 100 Aphorisms which Partridge collected and obtained from his own experiments. "Astrology Restored "by Ramesey has also been retyped and published by JustUs & Associates. Available from JustUs & Associates, Issaquah, WA

{2}Dariot, Judgment of the Stars, 1583, retyped, charts redrawn and laser printed by JustUs & Associates Publishing, also includes information about Electional astrology. More books are being translated and will soon be published on this subject. Available from JustUs & Associates, Issaquah, WA

{3} Christian Astrology by Wiliam Lilly - Retyped in large print, easy to read available from JustUs & Associates, published on July 4, 1985. Available from JustUs & Associates, Issaquah, WA

{4}Treatise on Elections, L. Bonincontrius, available from Project Hindsight/Latin Tract/Volume IX-A, Golden Hind Press, P.O. Box 002, Berleley Springs, WV 25411, USA.

{5} Astroclock (available with ASTROWIN) by Allen Edwall, available from JustUs & Associates, 1420 NW Gilman Blvd., Suite #2154, Issaquah, WA 98027, USA, allows you to do this quickly because the program is very small, fast and changes minute by minute on the screen, or you can change it manually. There is also a DOS program Elections by the same author also available.  Available from JustUs & Associates.

{6} Classical Studies in Electional Correspondence Course, by J.Lee Lehman and Carol A. Wiggers available NOW. Available from JustUs & Associates

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